Helping Ourselves
That is why, in chapter I, I called prayer an adventure. But, of course, when we pray, we must not become lazy and expect God to do for us the things which we can do for ourselves. Very often he expects us to help him to become the answer to our own prayer. Like the occasion in the Gospels when the disciples warned Jesus that the crowed which had come to hear him preach and to receive his healing touch were very hungry,' Send the crowed away so they can go to the surrounding villages and countryside and find food and lodging......' the disciples said. But Jesus replied: 'You give them something to eat. ' And they did. They collected up what they could find: five little loaves and two disciples and told them to give it to the people. It was while they were handing the food to the thousands of men, women and children that the miracle happened. There was enough for everyone( Mattew 14:13ff)

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