Listening to God

Many Christians look very puzzled when they hear anyone suggest that they should learn to listen to God. 'But how to you do that? What does his voice sound like? 'they ask.
    The Bible answers that question for us. First it shows us that God is God who speaks, and that he wants us to listen. Then it shows us  that  God speaks un different ways  on different occasions. Sometimes he shouts ( Job 37:5). At other times he whispers (1 kings 19:12). And sometimes, although we cannot hear his voice, he speaks to us in other ways: though people and pictures, though dreams and though nature.
    There is a lovely story in the Old Testament which reminds us that God's voice can be clearly heard - even by children. The story is of the boy Samuel who had been taken by his mother to live and serve God in the Temple. One nigh, Samuel heard God's voice calling him but  he did not realize it was God. He thought it was the old priest Eli.

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