Pray to Your Father

'When you have found a prayer place, remember that you  are praying to a Father who loves you, Jesus seems to say:   "Our Father in heaven ....."  (Mattew 6:9)
    Whenever Jesus prayed,  he called God ' Father'.
    The word Jesus uses for 'Father ' is 'Abba' --'Daddy' --the first word a child learns to say. A word born of trust.
    Two  children in the Middle East helped me to understand what Jesus meant when he encouraged us to pray in this way. One was a little boy on a bus.
    The little boy was sitting on his father's lap. The bus was crowded and it was late. The child was obviously very tired. After we had travelled for a few miles, the boy looked into his father's face, stroked his beard lovingly, whispered  the word  'Abba!' several times, then placed his  head on his father's chest and fell fast asleep. While his son slept, the father looked at him with love in his eyes.
    The other was a small child by a swimming pool. He was being helped into the water by his big sisters but his face said: 'I don't know whether to laugh or cry. ' Then a man appeared. 'Abba! Abba!' the boy called. The child's father went to him. They played in the pool together and enjoyed their swim. The boy's fear left him. He now showed no signs of crying, only of laughing. While Abba was near, he was happy.
    That 's the kind of love and trust Jesus wants us to have in our Heavenly Father,' I thought.

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