What is Prayer?

"What is prayer?" That is a question I asked a group of Christians at a School of  Prayer I was leading on one occasion. Each person gave a different answer. So the list looked like this:
                             Prayer is:
                                                               - talking to God
                                                               - listening to God
                                                               - friendship with God
                                                               - trusting God
     Prayer is:
                   - being loved by God
                   - being found by God
                   - being held by God
                   - being guided by God
                                                          Prayer is:
                                                               - confessing our sins
                                                               - repenting
                                                               - forgiving others
                                                               - receiving God's forgiveness
     Prayer is:
                   - being silent before God
                   - praising God
                   - worshiping God
                   - meeting God

                                                            Prayer is:
                                                              - opening the door of our heart to God
                                                              -  meeting God
                                                              -  recognizing that God lives inside us
     Prayer is:
                   - fighting God's Enemy  -Satan

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