1- What is Prayer
                               2- Preparing to Pray
                                                                     -Pray to Your Father
                                                                     -Come with Confidence
                                                                     -Remember God is Holy

    3- How to Pray
           -Helping Ourselves
           -Praying for Others
                                        4- More Ways of Prayer
                                                                     -Receive Forgiveness
                                                                     -Spiritual Warfare
    5- Listening to God
           -The Bible
           -Bible Study
           -Bible Meditation
           -Other People
                                        6- More Ways of Listening to God
                                                                     -The word Of Knowledge
                                                                     -The Word of Wisdom
                                                                     -Ordinary Things

    7- The Holy Spirit and Prayer
            -Tells us we are God's Children
            -Helps us in our Weakness
            -Shows us the Way to the Father
            -Helps us to Worship
            -He changes us

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